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PLUMBER Jamie Sleep is about to ‘do his block’.

The Sleep’s Plumbing director is teaming up with Ballarat Community Health to hit the pavement and meet his business neighbours, promoting health and well-being.

Mr Sleep wants to help Ballarat East workplaces share in the benefits his team has enjoyed since making small lifestyle changes from a BCH health check. He suggested joining forces and Do the Block initiative was launched.

While many tradies tend to have physical occupations, Mr Sleep said it was important for everyone to look after their body and be in top working condition. Sometimes the smaller changes could make a big difference.

“I’m eating a better breakfast now with more fibre to start the day,” Mr Sleep said. “…It’s a daunting thing to try and sell health to businesses, especially trade, so I want to help break down those walls and be ok to be told ‘no’ if places do not want our help.”

The neighbourhood check-up fits in with the city’s QUIT4October and Walktober campaigns, which Mr Sleep will also help promote.

Ballarat is one of four targeted regions for the Lung Foundation Australia’s QUIT4October challenge, encouraging smokers to give up smoking for 31 days, with the help of a health professional. Those taking up the task can share photos on social media, tagged #Quit4October and #QUITBallarat, of the positive impacts butting out are making.

BCH’s Catherine Kennedy said Ballarat smoking rates were higher than the state average with almost 22 per cent of this city’s men, aged over 18, smoking compared to 18.5 per cent statewide. BCH has a smoking cessation nurse on hand to offer support to quit

Walktober, a Bluearth Foundation initiative, is Australia’s largest community walk. BCH is stirring up friendly inter-business rivalry for the most minutes logged by workplace teams during the month. Minutes can be logged wherever and whenever, including walking between meeting.

For more information on healthier workplaces, phone Ballarat Community health on 5338 4500.

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